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A little information about us and our amazing oils


Sweet Almond oil: is wonderful for all skin types (unless a nut allergy!) . This oil is extracted by using the expression process from the almond kernel. It relieves itchy skin, soreness, dryness and inflammation and contains Vitamin A and E. It contains linoleic acid It is a super oil for softening and conditioning skin.


Apricot Kernel oil: is full of vitamins and minerals. An oil suitable for all skin types especially for mature skins and sensitive, inflamed and dry skins.


Rosehip oil: Our rosehip seed oil is extracted from seeds of Rosehip (it is not refined). Rosehip seed oil is healing and has regenerating properties. It can aid healing of scars and rehydrates the skin. Especially good in the winter months with all the central heating on. This oil is suitable for all skin types.


Macadamia Nut oil: Our Macadamia nut oil is warm pressed from the nut. It is golden, odourless and an excellent oil for skin protection because it is high in palmitoleic acid (essential fatty acid) found in human skin . A great moisturising oil especially for mature, aging and dry skins.


Coconut oil: A light odourless fractionated oil for moisturising all skin types


Avocado Oil: Our unrefined oil comes from the fruit. Abundant with proteins, vitamins (Vit E and Beta carotene), Lecithin and essential fatty acids. Great for all skin types, especially dry dehydrated, eczema and sore skin.


All Frustrated Nature products including face scrubs, lip balms, face wax and after bath/after shower oils are non fragrant (only subtle scent of the carrier oil) unless aromatherapy essential oil drops have been added eg. rose essential oil, lime essential oil, tangerine essential oil.




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