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Our frustrated nature face scrubs are made with finely granulated olive stones blended with the purest of oils such as Apricot Kernel and Rosehip. Perfect for a natural way to exfoliate your skin. The granules gently remove any dead skin, the oils then nourish and rebalance it leaving your skin feeling soft and supple. Again, all natural chemical free products. I always say – ‘your body will love you for it!” Why smother yourself with a petrochemical concoction with artificial fragrances. It just frustrates me.


Gently apply a small amount of the scrub on to wet skin. Following application wash off with warm water. Then watch as the oils make a wonderful protective layer on your skin. Your face will look fresh, glowing and ‘sealed in’ nicely with the oil. Also great for dry hands and feet.


Choices of Frustrated Nature Face Scrubs


Olive Stone Granule face scrub with Sweet Almond & Rosehip Oil - £4.50

Olive Stone granule face scrub with Sweet Almond Oil - £4.50

Olive Stone granule face scrub with Apricot Kernel Oil - £4.50


New for Spring 2013


Olive Stone granule & Green Tea Leaf face Scrub,

with Sweet Almond Oil - £5.50

subtle fragrance of green tea leaves infuses the blend for a refreshing scrub. Ideal for the face.


Raspberry Seed face scrub with Sweet Almond Oil - £5.50

the larger exfoilent nature of the dried raspberry seeds offers a wonderful scrub for feet and hands.

This is a non scented blend.



New bottle design for face scrubs!

Easy to shake, grip and pour

Less mess. Airline friendly 100ml bottle


(More space therefore more shakability. In other words there is a gap at the top third of the bottle to allow you to gently shake your scrub - see my sketch below)



Frustrated Nature - your body will love you for it.


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