Frustrated Nature

- your body will love you for it -


Beautiful Natural Handmade Products

at affordable prices


If you care about your body, you should care about the products you buy to put onto it.


At Frustrated Nature we believe that you should use only the best chemical free natural products on your body.

Frustrated at not being able to find suitable products we decided to start producing our own FRUSTRATED NATURE, all natural products.

NO Gimmicks and definitely NO unpronouncable names of substances no one has ever heard of.

All Frustrated Nature products come from nature, we only use 100% Pure Natural products.

Please be aware that all my products are made by me where I also make products containing nuts


My name is Alexis Millar, I am a functional massage practitioner and aromatherapist. I am also a qualified cancer care practitioner.

Frustrated Nature was started, with the help of my daughter Mae (who designed the logo), when I got frustrated that I couldn't buy a simple all natural product to help keep my skin moisturised and supple. I don't want to smother myself in harmful chemicals and other substances that I don't know what they are or what they do. Through my experience of combining carrrier oils with essential oils I came up with a selection of beautiful untarnished products at affordable prices.

All hand made in Tunbridge Wells with care and with the passion for 'looking after your body', after all you only have the one.



Frustrated Nature - your body will love you for it.






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